StopRepairBills - Stop repair bills took my money and did'nt perform!

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My name is mike.I have a 2001 mercedes CL600 V-12.

This is not a lower end vehicle it's the top of the line, a $100,000 car. I bought my warranty from stoprepairbills and when i attempted to use it they said i had a pre exhisting condition and did not cover it. I asked how do you know this since you did not inspect my car. They said their inspector said it.

I dropped them and went with American Warranty Club and they fixed my car the first time out.I truly believe they are good people and do good business.

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Warrenton, Missouri, United States #735748

Thanks for the info, but was this for the same repair you needed?

StopRepairBills - Totally Ripped off

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I purchased an extended warrenty from this company and after 2 years of paying it off, I was told that I would not be covered any longer.I was told that I had coverage till 2015 and certain milage.

They replaced some barrings and an air conditioner compressor in the 2 years I had the warrenty. Just recently I found out that I had to replace the timing chain and some other parts in the engine,all to the cost of around #3,000.

After spending several hours on the phone and going through EVERY goat rope required, the customer service rep, coldly told me that they would no longer cover me ,basically that I was SCREWED!I am pissed and feel very lead on by this company,I will not recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was taken advantage of by when I bought an extended warrenty. I made my payments on time and put the product in as stated and kept up on all maintanence needed to do.

But these people when it came down to the time that I needed to use them gave me the run around.

The garage called in for a claim on the repairs but they would say that it wasn't covered. Then I would call and ask why not, they would reply that part of it wasn't. But another part that needed to be covered was.

When I asked why they didn't tell the shop that, they said " Well he didn't ask".

So in the long run they didn't want to honor anything at all. I got so mad I canceled it and lost over $600. already paid in. On top of that they tried screwing me over by taking another payment.

I fought for over 45 days to get that money back. So watch yourselves. It's cheaper to save the money in an emergency account than to pay them.



stop repair bills told me that my problem was pre exhisting and did'nt cover a thing. I joined a new company and they paid my claim with no questions. Look up American Warranty good people!!!



I just had to cancel this scam of a warranty and lost almost $700 for this useless warranty.

Two time I needed repairs done which they told me weren't covered and thats when I found out I was being scammed.Put your money away in a jar and you'll do much better.


use to work for these clowns.the name of the company use to be National Dealers Warranty.

Its a joke of a place to work at and they prey on the unsuspecting and old.DO NOT buy anything from them, look up the industry as a whole, nothing but liars and greedy people who only care about the bottom line, not the customer.

StopRepairBills - Marie Duval

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I will have to say that I too was taken. Thank God that I only sent $10.00, but later thought how ***. I really was down in the dumps when the letter came in and thought it would be a good thing.

Then I started getting more and more letters. Send $45.00 for this and that and these are special you have to act now.

Well I said "*** No" and ripped up everything and into the trash.

Don't fall for it,cause for the most part it more than likely is not going to do anything but empty your pockets.

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This is on Marie Duval. Not Stop repair But the Stop repair is a rip off too.


what are u talking about, its like an insurance policy, u dont send 10 dollars then they try to sell u more, these things cost thousands, u must be very confused. 10 dollars wouldnt buy u lunch at the restaurants near

StopRepairBills - National Dealers Warranty Inc - Total Scam!

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After several phone calls from telemarketers, on December 13, 2007, I purchased an extended warranty from National Dealers Warranty Inc. The deposit over the phone was $195 and then there were monthly payments of $149.89 for 18 months.

Then, on August 23rd, I brought my car to the local Firestone Auto Care Center for an oil change. At that time, they told me that my two front CV joints were going bad and needed to be replaced. I went home to retrieve the warranty paperwork and returned to Firestone. Firestone contacted the Claims phone number for the authorization to do the repairs and National Dealers Warranty Inc refused to authorize or pay for the repairs.

I called them many times after this and they continually refused to pay for the "covered" repairs. Many times when I called, no one would even answer the phone. Other times when I called, they would say that their department couldn't help me and they gave me other phone numbers to call. Then, when I would call the next phone number, either no one would answer or they would continue to deny that they could help me or simply refused to pay for the needed and "covered" repairs.

In October, I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and the credit card company was able to reverse the four last charges by that company, but they couldn't go back further.

On October 27, 2009, National Dealers Warranty Inc then sent me a "past due" statement for $157.38 that was originally due on 3/13/09, but was now due on 11/21/09. When they realized that I was successfully able to retrieve four payments, they sent me a combination "Cancellation Notification/payment due" statement, with a due amount of $629.52, with a payment due date of 3/13/09.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They were given until December 17th to respond, but they responded today, December 9th. Their response to the complaint is as follows:

According to the Administrator of this contract, Gold Key, Ms. [Surname Hidden] had her vehicle at Firestone for repairs on 10-1-2009 and needed a right front axle, timing belt and the service engine light was on. The service advisor at the shop told their adjuster that the customer was in their shop in August and the shop had advised Ms. [Surname Hidden] that the axle boot was cracked and losing grease. Ms. [Surname Hidden] was told by her shop that this needed to be replaced. Ms. [Surname Hidden] continued to drive the vehicle until all the grease that surroundsd the constant velocity join was lost through the split boot. This is what caused the damage to the c/v joint. This is why the claim was denied...due to continued use after Ms. [Surname Hidden] repair facility had let her know there was damage and she did not have it repaired.

The shop had also advised Ms. [Surname Hidden] to replace the timing belt. The contract does not cover routine maintenance items like the timing belt. The shop was not able to give Gold Key a diagnosis for why the serice engine light was on. Ms. [Surname Hidden] has already received a refund of her last for payments totalling 599.56. I would be happy to send Ms. [Surname Hidden] an additional pro-rated refund of 821.82. This contract has been in effect for 2 years. Ms. [Surname Hidden] should be receiving the 821.82 in approximately 10 business days.

They have lied and the facts are:

Firestone Auto Care

WORK ORDER #076416

08/23/09 10:33AM



This work order, dated August 23, 2009, disputes their claim that Firestone Auto Care told National Dealers Warranty Inc that the "axle boot was cracked and was losing grease" and also National Dealers Warranty Inc's statement that the car was first brought in to repair the axles on 10/1/09. It clearly shows that on August 23rd, National Dealers Warranty Inc was told that the needed repairs were for both front axles and also for the timing belt. National Dealers Warranty also states that "The contract does not cover routine maintenance items like the timing belt."

Per page 3 of the Gold Key contract:

The following is a list of Covered Parts under this Contract (Taxes and fluids needed for authorized repairs are also included): (1) Engine - Engine head(s); engine block; cylinder barrels; timing cover; valve covers(s); oil pain (SIC); dip stick & tube, ONLY if damaged by the failure of an internal, lubricated part. The following internal, lubricated parts: pistons, pins & rings; connecting rods & bearings; crankshaft & main bearings; camshaft, followers & cam bearing; push rods, valves, springs, replaceable guides, seats & lifts; rocker arms, shafts & bushings; TIMING GEAR, chain, tensioners & retainers; eccentric shaft; oil pump. Also covered are the following: TIMING BELT; water pump; intake & exhaust manifolds; turbo charger; engine mounts & cushions; engine torque strut; harmonic balancer; flexplate; idler pulley bearings.

National Dealers Warranty Inc has lied about what parts it does or does not cover. It has lied about what they were told by the Firestone repair shop, and it also lied when it stated that they refunded the last four payments for a total of $599.56. I expect that they are also lying when they state that a refund of $821.82 will be mailed to me.

On December 2nd, I met with an attorney. I brought the contract, all of my phone records, credit card statements, and the Firestone repair paperwork. He is in the process of contacting them for a full refund. I also met with John Matarese of Channel 9 (Cincinnati) and he does the "Don't Waste Your Money" segment and today I met with Howard Ain of Channel 12 who airs his "Trouble Shooter" segment. I did an interview with both gentlemen, gave them both copies of pertinent documents, and both channels will be airing the interviews within the next few days. They will also contact National Dealers Warranty Inc for a response to my complaint.

From the Better Business Bureau's website regarding National Dealers Warranty Inc:

BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.Reasons for this rating include:

* Length of time business has been operating.* 333 complaints filed against business* Government action(s) against business.* Advertising issue(s) found by BBB.* Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

Additional DBA Names: Canadian Auto Warranty ServicesNational Dealer Warranty, IncStop Repair

"On Nov. 12, 2009, Attorney General Koster filed lawsuits against six vehicle extended warranty companies, including Extended Warranty Corp.

According to Koster, the businesses marketed what appeared to be "extended auto warranties" to consumers, but actually were "service contracts" or "automotive additives." Many consumers did not realize they were not receiving auto warranties until they received the package in the mail. The companies sold the products as service contracts and auto additives with the effect of avoiding Missouri's service contract laws, which provide some minimal protection for consumers.

Customers who purchased "service contracts" often later realized the significant limits to coverage. Many contracts contain a 30 to 90 day, 1,000 mile period during which consumers cannot make claims, because that is considered a "pre-existing condition" of the vehicle. However, the extended service contract is only fully refundable within the first 30 days. Customers asked for a cancellation or refund when they discovered the provider would not pay a claim after that initial period, but were refused refunds because they were not within the 30-day cancellation timeframe. Many of the contracts have also been promoted as extending a warranty for 7 years and 100,000 miles. These companies do not tell the consumer that the coverage may be limited to the actual cash value of the vehicle. For an older, high-mileage vehicle, the coverage may soon be less than the price paid by the consumer for the contract.

For companies using the auto additive scam, customers were sent a bottle of fluid for their car's transmission, engine, or cooling system, with instructions to immediately add it to the vehicle. Customers were instructed to install the additive in order for the warranty to be valid. But they later were denied a refund and told the purchase is non-refundable if the product has been used. In effect, the companies encouraged consumers to use the fluids immediately, knowing that would nullify their opportunity for a refund. Many consumers did not request the additive and did not realize they would be sent this additive until they received the packet.

Koster said the companies marketed these products using misleading letters, postcards, and telemarketing techniques, some also in violation of Missouri's No-Call law. He said the businesses would lead consumers to mistakenly believe their current vehicle warranties were about to expire and that they would not have another opportunity to purchase an extended warranty unless they acted immediately. Many potential customers were not informed that the businesses were not affiliated with the dealership or manufacturer from whom the customers bought their vehicles.

In addition, some of the businesses sought to illegally obtain the consumer's bank account or credit card information by misrepresenting the purpose of the information. The businesses would then cause automatic charges to consumers' bank accounts or monthly charges to their credit cards without the consumers' permission or knowledge.

Koster's suits charge the businesses with unfair and deceptive practices violations. Some were also charged with violations of Missouri's No-Call law. In addition, he charged National Dealers Warranty with violation of a prior Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction issued by the Circuit Court of St. Charles County in 2008.

Koster is asking the court to issue preliminary and permanent injunctions requiring the companies to comply with Missouri's Merchandising Practices Act; provide full restitution to victims and to the state; and pay civil penalties and court costs."___________________________________________________________

I found the second to last paragraph particularly interesting. "In addition, he charged National Dealers Warranty with violation of a prior Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction issued by the Circuit Court of St. Charles County in 2008." In other words, they have no respect for the law whatsoever or even court orders!

So, after all this, I have attracted negative attention to this company through the BBB, my attorney, and two TV stations, and everywhere I can publish my personal dealings with this company. And, in the end, I won't stop, even after I receive all of my money back from National Dealers Warranty Inc. I will continue to speak evil about this scam company and their evil practices.

Review about: Gold Key.



I received a phone call from stop repair bills looking for someone I don't even know.I told them that I don't know them and to not call my phone again.

The sales person asked for my name. When I told them that they don't need that information he still kept asking for it. I told them that I know about their company and don't like them, he proceeded to still try and sell me his pitch. Even after I told him I am a mechanic and do all of my own work, he still kept trying to sell me his pitch.

When I finally was able to stop him I again told him to please not ever call my phone again he still asked my name. I recommend that you never even call this "company" for even a quote. They do nothing but try and scam people who really don't know much about cars. Instead of paying them, take their down payment and monthly payments and put them into a separate account and save it for when your car does break down.

This is nothing but a scam and I don't know why they are even still able to legally operate.Can anyone answer me that?


thanks girl, I was just getting ready to purchase this for my car!!!!!!!


Total scammers!


I cannot believe what you wrote in comment #5.You are pleased with the manner in which the company handled this matter.

Obviously this is part of your settlement, which makes you a sellout. Basically, you are endorsing this company as a satisfied customer.

You may be glas it is over, but you know you are not pleased with the manner in which this was handled, and any company that told you they would honor their agreement only after you contact the TV stations, the BBB, scam websites, and retain a lawyer is not a company that you would choose to do business with.I'm glad you got your money back, but you make me sick!


after they grt your info they asceus your bank acct. an steal your money besides your payment an will not refund it


stop repair bills refused to pay the cost of my vehicle repairs($2400.00) becasue i didnt have proof of an oil change.i informed them that my husband changed my oil.

i have paid them a total of $1500.00 and they refused to give me any of my money back.

Please help, how can get justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this company is a huge scam.They don't pay out on any claims, they find a way to say the claim is not covered.

When you try to find out why you are told the person who can explain it is not in and will call you back but never does. When you call to cancel your policy you are told it is cancelled yet they keep taking your monthly payment off your credit card or bank account. When you call about that they tell you that you have to fax them a letter saying you want it cancelled but the customer service representative that you are speaking with dosn't know the fax number and the employee that does know it is not in at that time and they will call you back but they never do. I had 2 separate vehicle warranties with this company and it me filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, The Missouri state consumer fraud counsel, my bank, and the Presidenty of the actual company that serviced the warranty (in my case it was Gold Key of FL) before they would refund my money.

When they were contacted in reference to my complaints they sent out a letter saying that they had already cancelled my account and refunded my money per my request, which they hadn't.DO NOT USE THIS SHADY COMPANY YOU WILL ONLY WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!


This insurance company is a total scam!!!

My transmission went bad and they covered only 30% of the cost after a long delays and negotiations!

They are very rude too!!!


National Dealers Warranty has amicably and professionally resolved this matter and has refunded the service contract price and paid for my car repair at issue. I am very pleased with the way they handled this matter.


I added an image of the original Firestone work order dated August 23, 2009 and also the "Page 3 Covered Parts" image on two separate blogs which I created on the "" website. In conjunction, they both clearly show that National Dealers Warranty Inc not only lied about which parts they cover, but they also lied when they stated to the Better Business Bureau that I was told in August that there was a "cracked axle boot" which was losing grease.

In fact, they lied about many things when they made statements to the Better Business Bureau.

I met with an attorney on December 2, 2009, brought all of my paperwork including the contract, the credit card statements, the telephone records showing the calls I made to National Dealers Warranty Inc, the Firestone Work Order dated August 23, 2009, and personal notes. They will file suit against National Dealers Warranty Inc.

My attorney advised me not to contact National Dealers Warranty Inc, but they did state that anything that I post on these complaint websites is perfectly within my rights since it is based in fact. They also stated to me that National Dealers Warranty Inc has broken certain laws, including attempting to sell a "contract" over the phone and requiring a credit card downpayment without the consumer having the benefit of reading the contract, agreeing, and signing the contract. They also stated to me that National Dealers Warranty Inc does not have a license to conduct business in the states of Kentucky or Ohio (and, possibly, many other states).

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